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Rwanda, East Africa

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Medical Insurance Scheme – Eastern Province, Rwanda

Our involvement with Rwanda began in the early part of 2019, when through a local Pastor we learned of his efforts to care for about 100 orphans.  This led to a visit to Rwanda by our UK trustees in September 2019.  We visited Sake community (Eastern Province) to meet these orphaned children, and the families who host them. We also met with Schadrack, the community’s local coordinator, and Eric a resident government official. 

The major problem we discovered was the complete lack of medical access due to no insurance. They could not afford the premiums for the Govt. Health program, so they had no access to medical treatment when needed. One villager commented, “If we get sick and cannot raise money for medical treatment, we either live or die”.  We decided to pay for this health insurance for all the orphans and the host families. Without good health, they cannot work, children cannot steadily attend school and any project to help them economically would not have the intended impact.

Basic medical insurance is £3 per person, per year! This amazing program covers medical care, including drugs.  In 2020 Charis funded the premiums for 725 people, including the 100 orphans and host families themselves.

Other Items

On this same 2019 visit we met Chantal and there was a mutual realisation that we shared a vision for impacting disadvantaged communities.  This has resulted in her working with us as our Coordinator for Rwanda.

In May 2020, Chantal led our efforts to provide some food and supplies assistance to the Sake community – needed due to the impact of Covid 19.

New Project 2021

In conjunction with Schadrack, we plan to open a nursery school in Sake for children aged up to 5 years old.  There is a definite gap in the community that such a facility would fill.  This has been delayed somewhat by the Covid pandemic, but we hope to get underway with this by end March 2021.