We are involved in a number of projects. If you would like to find out more, get involved or support the work financially please contact us.


In 2017, working with Pastor Amit in New Delhi, we achieved:

  1. The construction of a physical building for church activities, which also can be used to set up a school. The school is intended to be an income generation project for the church and community activities.
  2. The establishment of an auto rickshaw business. This is an income generation project for the church to help with community activities.
  3. Construction of a bore hole and a water filter at the church.

In 2018, working with Pastor Amit and his team our objective is to

  1. Develop a school / hostel in the Punjab
  2. Impact village communities and develop relationships with leaders, through projects such as fresh water bore holes
  3. Promote self-sustainability through more income generation projects such as a beauty parlour in New Delhi, and the development of a school


For 2018 we want to focus on the development of an education project helping under privileged children who are trapped in a form of slavery to the owners of a brick factory and we need your help.

    Brick Factory Vadana Kasur, Lahore

    • nationally around 60% of the children are below the age of 13
    • they are denied the freedom to move out of the kiln premises and receive no education
    • children can experience malnutrition, skin diseases and respiratory infections due to contact with clay, dust and exposure to intense heat.
    • children witness the cruel treatment of their parents by the owners, and grow up in an atmosphere of fear, insecurity and subjugation, which has a long lasting effect on
      their personality development.

    Find out more information and how you can help.

    Download Our Pakistan Education Project Leaflet

    Leadership Training and Development – Pakistan

    Charis Ministries is working to provide leadership training and development in Pakistan through Charis Bible School in order to train and equip local leaders to best serve their community. Our ethos is “Leading for Transformation“ as we want to see life change in individuals and their communities we are working with. The focus is not primarily on an academic qualification rather equipping people to serve effectively and practically in their various ministries.

    You can partner with this work by getting in touch with us.

      Download Charis Bible School Leaflet