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Zarephath Project (medical assistance) – Lahore, Pakistan

The widows in the community that we work with are largely not employable due to old age and physical disabilities. The primary need they expressed to us was financial assistance for medical prescriptions.

This led us to start this project in March 2019 to pay for their medical prescriptions.  Since inception, over 500 prescriptions have been funded!  It has made a difference to the health of these women. Several do not need any further medications as they have fully recovered. This has made it possible to register even more women and assist them.  The project paid for prescription glasses and others have benefited from fully paid cataract surgery that has restored their eyesight.

Sister Agnes, who runs the project, meets weekly with these women to mentor and help them with the various issues they face in their daily lives.  We are hopeful this project can be duplicated in other locations where needed.

Kasur Brick Factory School

Children whose parents work and live at this brick factory near Lahore had zero access to school and no opportunity for an education.  With the co-operation of the factory owner, Charis started a non-fee paying school in February 2018 to provide basic education for the children and young adults.

There are about 50 pupils, and their ages range from 4 to 16 years old and they have never had any form of education. The aim is to enable them to take and pass government exams and gain admission into government schools.  Since the school began 10 children have successfully passed these exams and gained admission to the local government school. This is a miracle, as previously they had no formal education of any sort!

Charis Computer Centre – Lahore

The Charis Pakistan team found that most youth do not have basic computer skills, particularly in less privileged areas.  Although there are computer centres for teaching and training in Lahore, the high fees make them unaffordable for most.

In response, in July 2019, we started the Charis Computer Centre – an educational facility to provide computer skills and training at a very affordable fee.  The community support has been amazing since the idea has been realised.

The school has been a success, but unfortunately due to the Covid 19 situation, the computer school operations have been suspended for the time being.  We plan to re-open as soon as government regulations make this possible

Bible Schools

We provide leadership training and development through the Charis Bible Schools in order to train and equip local leaders to best serve their community.  “Leading for Transformation“ is the ethos, as we want to see life change in individuals and their communities we are working with. The focus is not primarily on an academic qualification rather equipping people to serve effectively and practically in their various ministries.

These schools also have encouraged the youth to be more focused on their studies.  They also receive extra tuition to enable them to pass exams at various levels of their education. This is available to all, regardless of gender and religion.  There are about 60 students in the bible schools:  Bahar colony, Youhana Bad and Kasur.

Passionate Heart Fund

Our work in the communities has led us to realise that there are situations arising in under privileged families whereby bright and wonderful children and youth cannot complete their education due to financial hardship.  This can lead to a life of servitude.

Based upon needs, in October 2020 we began this new project as Charis has a heart to have a positive influence in these young lives. As of January 2020, we are sponsoring and funding the education of eight (8) children /youth in primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

We do anticipate that this project will grow.  If you feel lead to sponsor a child, please contact us.