One of our key partners in India is Pastor Amit, the Founder and Director of New Creation Task for India, a registered Trust and Christian mission organisation that has brought the Good News of Christ to thousands in India over the last few years of this ministry. (

Amit was born in Punjab, India. At the age of 26 he responded to God’s call to serve Him in North India and started Mission work in the slums of New Delhi. Today he has responsibility for New Creation Church in New Delhi. The church has many projects and is reaching out to people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with his wife Sweety, daughter Gracy and son Joy. A significant current project now in progress is building a church/school building in Vikas Nagar, New Delhi.

In the Punjab, which is about 400 km (around 250 miles) North West from New Delhi, Pastor Amit and the Team are focused mostly on evangelising and on church planting. They work on bringing the good news of Jesus and proclaiming the Gospel to those who have yet to hear it. They help to build churches and to get home churches started where none currently exist. They are working in about 400 villages equipping and training believers into mission work and helping them to reach out to new places where no church exists.

Under Privileged Children

There are many slums in the New Delhi and Punjab areas where there is great need among the people who live there, especially the children. Pastor Amit and his teams work to improve the lives of the children, and introduce Jesus to them. For example for Christmas 2016 there was an initiative to provide warm clothes, which they had never had before, and food.