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About Us

Charis Ministries was founded in 2013 as a registered charity in England, by Pastor David Dickson and his wife Beverley.  They were trustees until December 2019, when they left to focus on other activities.  Thank you, David and Bev, for your dedication and hard work.

Every one of us needs  to have a hope and a future, and we want people to move from a place of surviving to thriving spiritually, emotionally, and physically in their lives.

The UK team works with local Charis teams and partners in various countries to identify the needs of a community.  We then work together on projects that will meet these needs, aiming to make a real, tangible difference in people’s lives. We want people to feel that they are seen, known, and loved.

Our generous donors’ financial support enables us and helps us to achieve these aims.

UK Board of Trustees

As with all UK registered charities, the trustees have the overall legal responsibility for Charis Ministries, to ensure its effective management and administration.

We are privileged to have a board of trustees who come with a wide range of experience in church leadership, ministry, business, and finance.


Keith & Anita Baptist – Trustees

Anita Baptist:  Anita is the Chairperson of the Trustees board.  Her heart is simply Jesus, demonstrating the love of God wherever she goes and in whatever she does. In her own words: “to see millions of people experience the love of God in encounters with God Himself; and seeing the Church putting itself to prayer leading to a powerful intimacy with God”.  Having counselled and mentored many, both within the Church and the Corporate world, she brings with her, powerful gifts of discernment, perseverance and wisdom, and an immense joy of the Lord.  Her prophetic insight and passion for prayer and intercession places her in a position in God’s “army” that can only be described as “divinely positioned”.

Keith Baptist:  Keith is a business executive with extensive experience in the global mining business, having lived and worked in several continents (now retired). Transferring his business knowledge and life experience into tools to encourage and support the Charis Ministries team is very important to him.  His desire is to facilitate and assist Charis to bring hope and transform lives, and for people to experience the love of God. Keith’s wealth of international and cultural experience and his gifting in leadership and administration are invaluable.  

Keith and Anita have been trustees since December 2016. They are members of the Elim Church in Crawley, West Sussex.


Sandy Schultz – Trustee

Sandy was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK in 1997. She has had the privilege of living in two wonderful countries and experiencing the culture and vibrancy of many more as she’s travelled. She loves meeting new people and encountering new cultures.

Her career has been very varied with experience of different industries and areas of business ranging from corporations and start up businesses to charities. She loves variety! Sandy brings the skills and experience she has gained over the years to Charis.

Sandy loves Jesus and longs for people to know Him, be in relationship with Him and hear His voice. She wants to see restoration and transformation in people’s lives so that they can be released into the fullness of what God has for them. She sees this happen in people’s lives as she coaches them and as she prays for them.

She has been part of different intercessory teams, various prophetic ministry teams and is a member of the Iris Global UK team, part of Heidi and Rolland Baker’s ministry.

Sandy has been a trustee since June 2019.

Pakistan Local Team


Agnes Sardar – Country Co-ordinator

Agnes was brought up as a Roman Catholic and she joined a convent in 1989. She became nun sister in 1992 and professed final vows in 1999. She experienced a breakthrough in her life in March 2013, and this resulted in her leaving being a nun in September 2014, when she said goodbye to convent life.

Since 2015, she has worked with Charis Ministries in Pakistan helping to bring awareness among the leaders to break the barrier of denominations.  She is also working as a women director in a local church. She holds a Master’s degree in Theology.  She attends the Glorious Gospel Church in Lahore with Pastor Sahil.  With this Pentecostal church she has grown in Christ.

(Left to right) Pastor Sahil Younas and his wife Lea
Pastor Asghar Masih and his wife Mariam


Pastor Sahil and Lea

After finishing university, Sahil began his full Christian ministry in 2004.  He currently pastors Glorious Gospel Church (GLOM), Lahore. Subsequently, he has achieved a Master’s degree in Theology. He is married to Lea Perez, who is from the Philippines.  Lea leads the Sunday school and is also a part of Women ministry at GLOM church.

They have worked with Charis since 2015, and are committed to training, equipping, and developing leaders, and to various community projects for disadvantaged women, children, and widows.


Pastor Asghar Masih and his wife Mariam

Asghar is a graduate of the Charis Bible School, where he studied for leadership and to become a pastor.  In 2020 he was appointed to be a pastor at GLOM church, where he works alongside Pastor Sahil.  He also teaches at the Charis Bible School.

Pastor Nazir, with assistant Komal


Pastor Nazir

Nazir has worked with Charis since early 2018. He is a pastor, and he teaches at the Charis school at the Kasur brick factory, near Lahore.


Komal Amjad

Komal assists Pastor Nazir at the Charis school at the Kasur brick factory.

Rwanda Local Team


Chantal Kabagambe – Country Co-ordinator

Chantal’s involvement with Charis began in 2019.  She is a “born again” Christian and loves Jesus as her personal saviour. Her working career is as a travel and tourism professional with more than 11 years’ experience assisting clients fulfil their East Africa and international travel needs.  She has the Degree of Bachelor of Science – Travel and Tourism Management from Mount Kenya University.

She is a passionate community worker with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals in identifying their potential to continue and share this passion to serve others. She helps community members identify their goals, and to access programs and services available to them. She offers support and resources coordination to assist children and families in gaining access to necessary services.


Pastor Schadrack Bigirumwami, with his wife Esther

Pastor Schadrack has worked in pastoral positions in East Africa since 1990, following on from his Theology studies.  In addition, over the years he has had extensive experience with organisations such as “Mercy Corps International”, as well as with the Rwanda Government.  He is based in Sake, where among other things he leads the “Sake Children’s Centre” and has partnered with Charis Ministries since October 2019.  He is passionate about assisting and caring for orphans, widows, and disadvantaged people generally. His wife Esther supports him in his ministry.

India Local Team


Pastor Amit Kumar

One of our key partners in India is Pastor Amit, the Founder and Director of “New Creation Task for India”, a registered Trust and Christian mission organisation that has brought the good news of Christ to thousands in India over the last few years of this ministry.

Amit was born in Punjab, India. At the age of 26 he responded to God’s call to serve Him in North India and started Mission work in the slums of New Delhi. Today he has responsibility for New Creation Church in New Delhi.  In New Delhi, and in the Punjab, about 250 miles North West, Pastor Amit and the team focus on supporting disadvantaged families living in slum communities and on bringing the good news of Jesus.

The Team and their families